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Pustan Trail 1.
The trail starts between the dates 01 April -15 June and 01 August -30 October 2018 according to needs.
Number of riders: minimum 3, maximum 7 persons.

Arrival: on Saturday at Arpad's Farm.(Farm is equal to Tanya) Getting acquainted, accomodation, dinner.

Sunday: 2 hours test ride in the neighboring area. Spare time in the afternoon, or in case of good weather
visiting the local Thermal Spa in Kunszentmikós or another program on request. Dinner.

Monday: After breakfast at the farm ride out to Szabadszállás, to Lófogó Tanya with a picnic at about
the half of that day's ride (that is after about a two-hours'ride, as the day's riding time is 4 and a half
hours.),cca one and a half hours' rest. Continuing in the afternoon, arriving to the Lófogó Tanya.
Horses spend the night there, riders go back to Arpad's farm by van, having dinner.

Tuesday: After breakfast back to Lófogó Tanya, riding to Varga Tanya with a picnic and a rest
(the same as the previous day), then afternoon ride and arriving at VargaTanya.Swimming pool,sauna, wellness,
high comfort accomodation. Riding time:4 – 4,5 hours.

Wednesday: After breakfast at Varga Tanya riding to Somodi Tanya, with a picnic and a rest.
In the afternoon riding back to Varga Tanya. Riding time: 4 – 4,5 hours.

Thursday: Breakfast at Varga Tanya, riding to Sarlóspuszta with a picnic and a rest.
It is also a high category exclusive hotel with swimming pool, jacuzzi etc.Riding time: 4 – 4,5 hours.

Friday: Breakfast at Sarlóspuszta. Riding back to Arpad's Farm.
Picnic at the same place where on Monday, then the last riding part. Riding time: 4 hours.

Saturday: departure after breakfast.

Trail price: 850 Euro

Pustan Trail 2.
Trails start between 01 April -15 June and 01 August - 30 October 2018 according to needs.
Number of riders: minimum 3 persons, no maximum limit

Arrival: on Saturday to Varga Tanya. Get-together, accomodation (exclusive hotel), dinner.

Sunday: 2 hours' test ride around Varga Tanya. Dinner. High cat.accomodation, swimming pool, wellness, sauna.

Monday: Breakfast at Varga Tanya. Riding to Gedeon Tanya which is near the famous Bugacpuszta where
coach driving competitions are often held with world famous participants.
Riding is in two parts, with a picnic and a rest in about mid-time, then afternoon ride.
Riding time: 5,5 hours.

Tuesday: Breakfast at the farm, then riding to Kunság Manor which is a horse hotel,
also having swimming pool and sauna. Dinner there. Riding time: 5 hours.

Wednesday: Breakfast at Kunság Manor. Riding to Sarlóspuszta with a picnic and a rest.
At Sarlóspuszta exclusive hotel there is swimming pool, wellness, jacuzzi. Dinner. Riding time: 4 – 4,5 hours.

Thursday: After breakfast riding back to Arpad's Farm with a picnic and a rest as usual.
Riding time: 4 hours. In case there are more riders than accomodation, after dinner we
carry back the riders to Sarlóspuszta by van.

Friday: Breakfast at Arpad's farm, then riding back to Varga Tanya with a picnic and a rest.
Riding time: 4 – 4,5 hours

Saturday: departure after breakfast

Trail price: 999 Euro

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Stationary program at Arpad's Riding Farm

8 days, 7 nights, 6 riding days

4 x 2 hours' riding, day's ride twice with 4 – 4,5 hours of riding time each

At day's ride horses spend the night at another place, riders are taken back
to Arpad's Farm for the night by van. The time of trip is about 20 – 30 minutes.

You can book for this program for the period between 01 April to 30 October 2018.

Price of the stationary program:

600 Euro with full board; 520 Euro with half board.

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